Finances in divorce

No two divorces are the same but it is invariably one of the most challenging times of your life and a time where you are at your most vulnerable.

Our approach is one of complete and genuine care for our clients. We help you as much as you need and will meet as many times as required to help you get on a solid footing. Your needs will change as the separation progresses but we will be available throughout the process to lay the foundations for your financial security. In the early days financial needs may be as simple as opening a current account in your sole name and ensuring that your bills are paid on time but issues will soon become more complex as matters such as sharing the home, dividing pensions, and establishing maintenance payments become paramount.

If you haven’t already met with a good, friendly, and helpful family lawyer, it would be worth considering. We are happy to introduce you to some people we trust to do a good job for you and between us we will work with you to get through the break-up and start to plan better times ahead.