Ongoing Service

As a client of Tarn Wealth Management, we aim to deliver to you the following: 

  • An initial fact finding mission 
  • An evaluation of current plans and circumstances 
  • Advice and recommendations for the way forward 
  • An agreement of an ongoing servicing strategy that meets each client's objectives 

We will also provide an ongoing service to ensure you are kept up to date with markets, taxation and other areas by adding you to our e-briefing service. From here you will obtain detailed regular reports on various topical matters, designed and selected to match your personal circumstances. 

Our initial fact finding mission is a no obligation service.

Bucket List

"Life is not a rehearsal" 

The Bucket List is a core part of Lifestyle Financial Planning at Tarn Wealth Management.

We believe passionately that we have one life and that good financial planning makes a significant difference in our client's ability to live their life to the full. 

The Bucket List is a list of things that we want to see, feel, do or experience during our lives. Helping our clients to live this life is the true essence of Lifestyle Financial Planning.